The Altis at Olympia

Posted by on October 3, 2013

WARNING: If you’ve not got to the end of The Seventh Season, you might think this video contains spoilers!

Here’s another video from my trip to Greece. It’s a bit dark, but we were so relieved to be sitting in some shade that we didn’t really consider the crime against cinematography we were about to commit!

The Altis is the holy grove, the sacred sanctuary, on which the temples and stadia were built at Olympia. It’s a truly beautiful and romantic place and I was surprised how familiar it felt. When you consider that for five hundred years the entire site was lost under several feet of mud (and there were archaeologists on site still excavating parts of the gymnasium and – I’m guessing from looking at a map – something near where we think the hippodrome was), it feels serene and genuinely sacred. Except – as you’ll see (and hear) – when the coach parties turn up!

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